Judging Criteria

We will select the winner off of the following criteria.

1) quality of music

Quality of music is based on artist harmony within tracks, mixing of sounds and vocals, and overall execution of sound within the tracks submitted.

2) Artistic matching

Sound and delivery should match the headlining artist! An exception to this guileline will be based on extreme talent.

 3) Music delivery

The way an artist delivers his/her craft is important in gaining new fans live! Artists will be judged based on how well they deliver their unique sound simultaneously with the beats in their music!


Maximize your engagement to win. (NOT A REQUIREMENT, helps gain followers)

  • Share CrowdFreak's “tag an Artist who should open for __” post on your IG story/page, tag @CrowdFreak, and encourage your fans to tag you in the comments of the post.

  • Request your fans to post something similar, encouraging other fans to help tag you in the comments of CrowdFreak's post.

  • Develop more creative ways to show engagement from your fanbase on our page.

Disclaimer: This is not a popularity or design contest. We are not counting your followers or judging your aesthetic.

Do you have what it takes?